Reena Katz aka Radiodress
What is a body? A body that desires, a body that sounds? I investigate how our bodies are interdependent, failing and empathic. I explore the ways in which we listen to, against and despite human violences big and small.

Through live and recorded talking, whispering, yelling and listening, I consider bodies as sites of knowledge, and communication as a social practice. My projects take shape as installations, recordings and live performances. They occur in galleries, online and live, and most often in public space.

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Exhibitions and Projects

Tune into my new, self-produced radio show, Republic of Love:art, cultural resistance and sacred mysticism from Toronto: Huron-Wendat, 6 Nations, 3 Fires Territory or, "the City of Living Corpses" as Emma Goldman liked to say. I broadcast monthly on the new episode: Wednesday, September 24 at 4pm.

May - August, 2015: Solo Exhibition at

May - June, 2014: Restless Precinct group exhibition, curated by SUM° (myself and Alize Zorlutuna). Thirteen artists and collectives re-imagine this post-Utopian public playground. Guildwood Park, Scarborough ON.

January - April, 2014: midnight dawn 20-10-10 modular stage project. Part of Border Cultures Two (work, labour) Curated by Srimoyee Mitra at the Art Gallery of Windsor. Opening: January 24. Performances: Jan 25, Feb 8, March 15, April 5, 2014.

embodied arts collective assembly, an archive-based project, commissioned by the Vera List Centre for Art and Politics in New York.

Project Support
Recipient with SUM° for Toronto Arts Council's Visual and Media Arts Projects Grant and Ontario Arts Council's Multi-Arts Project Grant for our upcoming project, Restless Precinct at The Guild Precinct in Scarborough, Ontario.

Text and Publication
Centrefold of C Magazine's Residencies issue. Collected texts documentation of love takes the worry out of being close: public assemblies in bed with queers. Autumn, 2013. Available for purchase.

Co-editor with Nasrin Himada of FUSE Magazine's Palestine-Palestine issue. Available for purchase, or online.